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Using Charles Proxy for bandwidth throttling testing

Many apps and websites now consume lots of data, especially in sectors such as video streaming and audio streaming. Also most apps performing a useful function of some kind are interacting with the server backend [...]

  • Automation-Guild

Automation Guild Online Conference 2017

As a tester still learning about the whole area of automation, I've been checking out some of the video sessions from the Automation Guild Online Conference 2017. These include both pre-recorded information/training/product sessions from automation/product [...]

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iThemes WordPress Developer Course

In December 2016, I completed the online training course iThemes WordPress Developer Course. This course was over two days and took the form of online live webinars, looking at what a WordPress site consists of [...]

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Mobile Device Quick Comparison Chart

Update - November 2016 - I've now added the Google Pixel XL & Pixel and removed the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Update - September 2016 - I've now added the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 [...]