OS X 10.11 El Capitan – five months in

It's now been five months since I installed OS X 10.11 El Capitan on my iMac. Initially, after the upgrade, there were lots of issues including performance, Mail app issues, constant spinning circle/wait cursor, wifi issues, Finder/tab issues and also delays when starting up some apps. I then managed to fix some of these issues. Now, [...]

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OS X 10.11 El Capitan – one week in

I installed OS X 10.11 El Capitan on my iMac last week, so here's my update after one week's use. My initial thoughts - oh dear, this is a turkey! - have subsided as all the original issues I was experiencing have now gone. Here's a list of the issues I was experiencing and - where [...]

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Mac OSX – Changing default screenshot location and file type

Thanks to a quick Google and this blog post, I have now got my iMac screenshots automatically setup to 1) go to folder Desktop/Screenshots and 2) save in JPG file type instead of PNG - mainly due to the reduced file size, both on iMac drive and when sending screenshots to other machines/users etc. The blog [...]

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Update on Apple / Mountain Lion wifi issues

One of the Apple Support Communities pages I am subscribed to is all about the 'wifi dropping' issue people have had when updating to Mountain Lion. This has now reached its 14th page and new issues are added almost daily. I found that the wifi dropping/connection issues went away when I followed Apple's recommended settings for [...]

Apple’s Recommended Wi-fi Settings for iOS & OSX

  The Apple eco-system - iOS devices and OSX systems - seems to have a few problems with wi-fi connections, especially in the time just after upgrades. I have experienced this myself a couple of times, as I documented here on my blog. Recently, I found a page on Apple's Support site, which details Apple's Recommended [...]

Problem with iTunes 11 and Apple TV?

Apple TV 2nd Gen Here's a little tip for anyone who's experiencing problems watching movies via their Apple TV, having recently upgraded to iTunes 11. I had this issue last night and thought it might take a lot of messing around to come up with  a fix - but, luckily found that practising that [...]

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Cross-Browser Testing – Turning off browser auto-updates

For effective cross-browser testing, it can be useful to have a variety of different versions of different browsers on different platforms. In general, its very awkward (or impossible) to have different versions of the same browser on the same machine. Therefore, a way around this is to have different versions of browsers on each of your [...]

Sauce for Mac

Sauce Labs have recently released a free Mac App which allows you to use their online website testing platform via a desktop Mac App, rather than the usual method of via a browser. The Mac App can be downloaded for free via saucelabs.com/mac / or iTunes / or the Mac App Store. I now have this App [...]

Windows 8 Pro running on VirtualBox on iMac OSX 10.8.2 – Success!!!

As Windows 8 and IE10 have recently been released, I thought I'd better get myself a working Windows 8 system, asap. Will be very useful to be able to see how Windows 8 operates, plus also test IE10 websites as thats already either a requirement (or likely to become a requirement) in some projects I'm working on. I'm [...]

OSX Mountain Lion/wifi issue – finally a solution?

Update - 4 October 2012 - Solution finally found...  Wifi has been working for over a week now - without a drop out - so I can say the wifi issue has been fixed - at least for my situation. Read below for full details, but it was a change to my broadband router's settings which [...]

Dropbox – the main advantages

A few people have asked me about Dropbox recently, as they're not sure why there's such a positive buzz about it. So I thought I'd list the main advantages I get out of using Dropbox and hopefully it may help a few people out. Main Advantages of Dropbox Its free to start with - up to [...]

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Mountain Lion/wifi issue… Ongoing saga continues…

This issue is still occurring even after having reported it to Apple support and being in contact with someone from Apple support. (I provided them a Wifi Diagnostics report after issue occurred and with wifi debug/diagnostics setup) The problem is strangely sporadic - some days it doesnt happen at all, other days it happens all the [...]

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(Yet) Another attempt to fix wifi issue in OSX Mountain Lion… fail

As Apple haven't yet supplied a fix for this wifi issue in OSX Mountain Lion, I tried another suggestion from a user on Apple Support Forums. The main gist of this is to clear out all the networking plists from your /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ directory. Then restart Mac and setup your Network Prefs again. I tried this and, at [...]

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Hopes of Mountain Lion wifi fix in OSX 10.8.1 update?

Apple has released the OSX 10.8.1 update to Mountain Lion. It was hoped this would feature a fix to the wifi issue being suffered by lots of Mountain Lion users. However, a check through the issues list and there was no mention of a wifi fix. I updated (manually) anyway to see if they'd sneaked a [...]

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