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iOS 8 Issues…

iOS 8.1 Release on Monday 20 October 2014, iOS 8.1 is set to fix many of the issues which were found in iOS 8.0.1 and the pulled iOS 8.0.2 Plus iOS 8.1 will also finally introduce Apple Pay to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users, [...]

Word Lens app – Quest Visual taken over by Google – now the app is free…

I remember hearing about the Word Lens app when it originally came out a while back, but never got around to using it, as it was a paid-for app. It uses augmented-reality to translate things like signs into a different language, yet still managing to keep [...]

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Pebble Steel – best app so far…

Only had my Pebble Steel since Monday, but I'd say the most impressive app I've seen so far is the UK Transport app - with this you can quickly see the nearest location for Trains and Buses - plus next Depature Times - and also the [...]

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iOS 7 App Testing Toolkit

During some recent iOS 7 App Testing projects, I've managed to refine the process to make things run smoother and this has included establishing an iOS 7 App Testing Toolkit. On my iOS device - such as iPad Air - I have a folder set up [...]

TechTestLondon website launched

I've recently been working on a new website - - which I've built in WordPress, using the Envision theme. TechTestLondon covers the booming world of Wearable Tech, Smartwatches & Connected Tech and the apps that make the tech work – and also promotes the App [...]

News: 10 September 2013 – Apple’s September 2013 event – new iPhones and iOS 7

At their September 2013 event, Apple announced the much-rumoured iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Together, these models replace the iPhone 5, with the iPhone 5S becoming the flagship iPhone in terms of processor, performance etc and the iPhone 5C is a slightly cheaper, less-specced alternative. iPhone [...]

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