Apple’s Recommended Wi-fi Settings for iOS & OSX

  The Apple eco-system - iOS devices and OSX systems - seems to have a few problems with wi-fi connections, especially in the time just after upgrades. I have experienced this myself a couple of times, as I documented here on my blog. Recently, I found [...]

Problem with iTunes 11 and Apple TV?

Apple TV 2nd Gen Here's a little tip for anyone who's experiencing problems watching movies via their Apple TV, having recently upgraded to iTunes 11. I had this issue last night and thought it might take a lot of messing around to come up [...]

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iOS 6 Upgrade – Part 3 – Moans and Gripes

I’ve now upgraded my iPhone3GS from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6. This has been delayed mainly due to a freelance iOS App Testing project I was working on at iOS 5.1.1 plus also partly  due to waiting for some fix version releases, to address any initial problems [...]