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Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2015

Monday 8 June 2015 saw the WWDC take place in San Francisco. Apple usually unleashes lots of announcements at this event and this year was no exception. Below I've briefly outlined the major announcements. iOS 9 The main features of iOS seem to be the enhancement [...]

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Synergy – Great way to work on two or more computers at the same time – with no wires!

I originally used Synergy back in the day when I was working from home and using a works Windows PC and wanted to use my iMac at the same time. After much searching on the net I found Synergy and - after some complicated setups - [...]

TechTestLondon website launched

I've recently been working on a new website - www.TechTestLondon.com - which I've built in WordPress, using the Envision theme. TechTestLondon covers the booming world of Wearable Tech, Smartwatches & Connected Tech and the apps that make the tech work – and also promotes the App [...]

Trying out Droplr

Having used the excellent Dropbox almost exclusively for file-sharing over the last year, I thought it was about time I tried something different, to compare and contrast to Dropbox. The similar-sounding Droplr has been around a while and the write-ups I've seen for it have always [...]

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Sauce for Mac

Sauce Labs have recently released a free Mac App which allows you to use their online website testing platform via a desktop Mac App, rather than the usual method of via a browser. The Mac App can be downloaded for free via saucelabs.com/mac / or iTunes / [...]

Mind mapping software FreeMind

I've recently been using Mind Mapping concepts to keep track of the main points I've been learning whilst studying for the ISEB/ISTQB Foundation certification. The main ISEB course book covers many areas and a wealth of information, so it sometimes becomes a struggle to remember everything. [...]

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I can highly recommend Dropbox having been signed up to it for about a month. Wasn't quite sure how it worked when I signed up to it, but now use it a lot, as I'm often moving between using a laptop PC, iMac and mobile devices. [...]

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