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Testing projects 2021

As we're about to say goodbye to 2021, I thought I'd provide an overview of some of the testing projects I've worked on this year - its quite varied as you can see below, from autonomous vehicles to covid testing! - luxury villas booking website - [...]

Basic Security Testing

High profile websites being hacked is nothing new nowadays - we hear about a different hack every week, if not every day. Hackers will use many different techniques to break into high profile websites and systems - including targeting weaknesses in the website's security, social engineering [...]

Device testing in the cloud – I’m now using Kobiton

I've recently started using the Kobiton device testing cloud, to enhance the range of iOS and Android devices that I can test apps and websites on. Over the last few years, I've looked into several other device testing cloud platforms from all sorts of companies and [...]

Introducing – my UK software testing jobs website

What is is a UK software testing jobs website I have launched, where software testers can search for jobs and employers can post jobs to find the software testers they need. What are the USPs? it’s independent of any other job website or [...]

Mobile Device Quick Comparison Chart

Update - September 2019 - new iPhones added to the list. Update - August 2019 - lots of phones and tablets added to the list. Update - September 2018 - I've now added the latest devices to the list - iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone [...]

Mobile Device Quick Comparison Chart – Feb 2016

Update - the latest version of the Mobile Device Quick Comparison Chart will now always be at It can be difficult keeping track of all the different mobile devices - smartphones and tablets - and the differences between them. With each new version of the [...]

Testing projects so far in 2016

2016 has been busy so far, I’ve worked on lots of different testing projects, with a brief outline of some of them below: Property crowdfunding website testing: mobile device testing Coastal ecosystem website testing Cinema info and booking website testing Cinema iOS 9 app testing Cinema [...]

2015 – Overview of my projects and training

2015 was a busy year for me, with a wide range of projects worked on and also some excellent training and education completed, including the Rapid Software Testing Applied course run by James Bach, which I completed in July. And to give a flavour of the [...]

Rapid Software Testing Applied (RSTA) course completed

From July 15th to July 17th 2015, I took part in an online course called Rapid Software Testing Applied (RSTA) where the techniques and practises of Rapid Software Testing (RST) are used on a real-world software product. The course was run by James Bach, one of [...]

Quick Intro to Gherkin

Having used Gherkin in a couple of different testing projects, I thought I'd provide a Quick Intro to Gherkin, for those not familiar with it. So far, I've used Gherkin as a way of documenting tests, rather than automating tests, but it's used in both scenarios. [...]

10 Testing Blogs

Below I've listed 10 Testing Blogs, which I often visit to catch up on latest events and news in the testing world, plus also read some different viewpoints on testing. James Bach - The Consulting Software Tester Michael Bolton Google Testing Blog Maverick [...]

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Sauce for Mac

Sauce Labs have recently released a free Mac App which allows you to use their online website testing platform via a desktop Mac App, rather than the usual method of via a browser. The Mac App can be downloaded for free via / or iTunes / [...]

iPhone Website Testing – Debug Console

Following on from my post the other day about iPad Website Testing, I thought I'd post on a similar area, but on iPhone device. Turning on the Debug Console before starting testing will help identify any errors which may occur during the testing. The error messages [...]

iPad Website Testing – Debug Console

Here's a simple little testing tip when testing websites on the iPad, using the Safari browser. Turning on the Debug Console before starting testing will help identify any errors which may occur during the testing. The error messages will be shown in the Debug Console and [...]

iOS App Testing – Ad Hoc App Delivery Method

As I recently started using TestFlight for this, I thought I'd outline how the other way of delivering Apps to testers works - that is Ad Hoc Delivery. Firstly, the UDID of your iOS Device(s) has to be known by the Developer delivering the App to [...]

Apps World 2012, Day 2, Wednesday 3 October 2012

Last Wednesday, I went along to Day 2 of Apps World 2012, at Earls Court 2. I went for the full day, as there was more of interest during the morning session, especially around the area of Mobile Testing. My photos from the day are below, [...]

Apps World 2012, Day 1, Tuesday 2 October 2012

  Last Tuesday, I went to the first day of Apps World 2012, at Earls Court 2. I went along to see what I could find out about the latest Apps and App Technologies, plus also to do some networking. Event photos from Apps World blog [...]

TestFlight – iOS App Delivery for Testing

I've now started using TestFlight, which enables simple delivery for iOS Apps for testing. The idea behind it is that iOS App developers setup a project that testers can be added to. The testers can then access the latest builds of the App as and when required [...]

Webinar – Intro to Mobile Web App Testing with Selenium & Sauce

I recently attended this webinar, given by Jonathan Lipps of Sauce Labs. You can check out the webinar on YouTube. I’ll briefly outline the main points, for future reference. Webinar Intro Almost as easy to test web apps with Sauce / Selenium as it is to [...]

Webinar – Intro to Selenium2Library & Robot Framework (also Cucumber & Gherkin)

I recently attended a webinar on the uTest platform, which was titled "Intro to Selenium2Library & Robot Framework". I hadn't heard of Selenium2Library or the Robot Framework, so this was a really useful intro to both of these at once. Also there was some information on [...]

iOS App Testing – Crash Reports – Part 2

Part 2 covers how to obtain Crash Reports from iOS Devices by using Apps on your iOS device, after there has been an iOS App Crash The following Apps allow you to see Console logs on your iPhone and/or iPad: System Console - by Electric Labs Console [...]

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iOS App Testing – Crash Reports – Part 1

Having tested several iOS Apps via the uTest platform, on both iPhone and iPad devices, I thought I'd share some of the tips and tricks I've picked up while doing this. iOS App Crashes A crashing iOS App is seen as the most serious type of [...]

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Learning Selenium… Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is a Firefox add-on, which allows simple record and playback of browser interaction. Tests are recorded as scripts in Selenese, a special test scripting language for Selenium. The easiest way to understand how Selenium IDE works is to download it and install it in Firefox. [...]

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