Testing Definitions

Testing Authentication Apps

What is 2FA? 2FA is two-factor authentication and means you are using two of the three standard authentication methods (a password or similar, an authentication token or app, a fingerprint/face or other biometric factor) This provides a more secure access to your account. What is 2SV? [...]

What is Rapid Software Testing?

My definition of Rapid Software Testing Rapid Software Testing enables a tester to use their experience, knowledge and skills to effectively test a product, focussing on testing the product's elements rather than producing test cases and associated paperwork. Use of Exploratory Testing helps the tester to [...]

A flexible testing approach

I have found that a flexible testing approach has been a key element to ensuring successful projects with my customers, including: Working alongside customer's existing testing/QA processes Creating new testing/QA processes where none are currently implemented Suggesting improvements to existing testing/QA processes Working within [...]

What is Exploratory Testing?

My definition of Exploratory Testing Exploratory testing involves a tester using their knowledge and experience to explore a website or app, learn it’s layout, contents and functions whilst simultaneously designing and executing test scenarios and test cases. This unscripted approach can [...]