Testing projects 2021

As we're about to say goodbye to 2021, I thought I'd provide an overview of some of the testing projects I've worked on this year - its quite varied as you can see below, from autonomous vehicles to covid testing! - luxury villas booking website - [...]

How to avoid App Store rejection

Thorough testing of your iOS App - before it is submitted to the App Store - is a great way to avoid App Store rejection. Apple's own Common App Rejections page lists the most common reasons for an iOS App to be rejected when submitted to [...]

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Testing projects so far in 2016

2016 has been busy so far, I’ve worked on lots of different testing projects, with a brief outline of some of them below: Property crowdfunding website testing: mobile device testing Coastal ecosystem website testing Cinema info and booking website testing Cinema iOS 9 app testing Cinema [...]

2015 – Overview of my projects and training

2015 was a busy year for me, with a wide range of projects worked on and also some excellent training and education completed, including the Rapid Software Testing Applied course run by James Bach, which I completed in July. And to give a flavour of the [...]

Rapid Software Testing Applied (RSTA) course completed

From July 15th to July 17th 2015, I took part in an online course called Rapid Software Testing Applied (RSTA) where the techniques and practises of Rapid Software Testing (RST) are used on a real-world software product. The course was run by James Bach, one of [...]

Quick Intro to Gherkin

Having used Gherkin in a couple of different testing projects, I thought I'd provide a Quick Intro to Gherkin, for those not familiar with it. So far, I've used Gherkin as a way of documenting tests, rather than automating tests, but it's used in both scenarios. [...]

What is Rapid Software Testing?

My definition of Rapid Software Testing Rapid Software Testing enables a tester to use their experience, knowledge and skills to effectively test a product, focussing on testing the product's elements rather than producing test cases and associated paperwork. Use of Exploratory Testing helps the tester to [...]

Who I work with

A flexible testing approach allows me to work with clients of all types and sizes, providing services such as: website testing and app testing for startups app testing for app developers and software houses website testing, feedback and advice for business owners on [...]

A flexible testing approach

I have found that a flexible testing approach has been a key element to ensuring successful projects with my customers, including: Working alongside customer's existing testing/QA processes Creating new testing/QA processes where none are currently implemented Suggesting improvements to existing testing/QA processes Working within [...]

What is Exploratory Testing?

My definition of Exploratory Testing Exploratory testing involves a tester using their knowledge and experience to explore a website or app, learn it’s layout, contents and functions whilst simultaneously designing and executing test scenarios and test cases. This unscripted approach can [...]