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2015 – Overview of my projects and training

2015 was a busy year for me, with a wide range of projects worked on and also some excellent training and education completed, including the Rapid Software Testing Applied course run by James Bach, which I completed in July. And to give a flavour of the [...]

Quick Intro to NFC

As I've recently added blog posts on Mobile Payments, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay - all which use NFC - I thought I'd add a post for NFC itself. What is NFC? Firstly, NFC is Near Field Communication - a technology more catchily known as [...]

Updating your Windows 10 Technical Preview build

Looks like its fairly easy to update your Windows 10 Technical Preview build - when you know how... My Windows 10 Technical Preview build was B9841 and Microsoft have recently released a latest build, after their recent Windows 10 launch event. It's actually easy to update [...]

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Windows 10 Technical Preview

The Windows 10 Technical Preview is available for download at You can download the ISO and setup a Virtual machine in something like VirtualBox, which I've done. There's a useful guide to the whole process on the Tech Republic website.

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Useful Test Resources – Windows Virtual Machines from Microsoft

Microsoft have recently updated the list of Windows Virtual Machines they'll let you download and install for testing purposes.  In fact, its now a very useful list, including Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP. I was looking for a way of being able to test [...]

News: 11 March 2013 – IE10 coming to Windows 7

Microsoft has finally got around to releasing IE10 for Windows 7, with users either able to download it directly from Microsoft or can wait for it via Windows Update. In the IEBlog entry, MS confirm its available for download and that it brings standards support plus [...]

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Windows 8 – Adding Chrome, Firefox and Safari Browsers

I've now added the other main browsers to my Windows 8 Pro virtual with no problems found - I was expecting some, but none materialised. The screenshot below shows the Start screen, with the tiles for Chrome, Firefox and Safari added in the place I selected [...]

Windows 8 Pro running on VirtualBox on iMac OSX 10.8.2 – Success!!!

As Windows 8 and IE10 have recently been released, I thought I'd better get myself a working Windows 8 system, asap. Will be very useful to be able to see how Windows 8 operates, plus also test IE10 websites as thats already either a requirement (or likely [...]