Project Description

EC Group contacted me to test one of their client’s websites. This was an ecommerce store, so End-to-End testing was required of the whole order process, including Store, User Registration, Cart, Checkout and Payments.

They also requested Cross-Browser testing across each of the main desktop browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE – plus some more focussed testing, on various versions of OSX and Safari – from OSX 10.7 through to the latest OSX 10.10 Yosemite and Safari 8.

Testing included Functional Testing, Exploratory Testing, Cross-Browser Testing and End-to-End Testing.

Test Results were provided in the form of a Test Summary Report and issues were tracked in my own JIRA.

Testing Project Summary

Client requirement: An expert website tester who could fully test one their client’s ecommerce websites.

Outcome: A variety of test methods was used to thoroughly test the ecommerce site and provide both a test report and issues which could then be fixed by the developers, before the site was released to the client.

More info on my testing services: Website Testing