Project Description

Project – Mouth to Mouth Agency – WordPress Website Healthcheck

The Mouth to Mouth marketing agency contacted me to do a full WordPress Website Healthcheck of a website they were developing for a global client in the sea containers market.

The WordPress Website Healthcheck included the following:

  • Testing the WordPress backend, checking for any issues with plugins, settings etc
  • Testing the website frontend, focussing on the contact forms in use, making sure that any information entered in the 4 different contact forms was successfully appearing in the database, using SQL to check the results
  • Cross-Browser testing of the website, across the main browsers at the time – IE11, Safari, Chrome, Firefox
  • Providing feedback on areas such as backup strategy and plugins used for various tasks
  • Logging bugs found during testing
  • Providing a Website Healthcheck Report, summarising the findings including the bugs found during testing

Project Summary

Client requirement: A website tester with WordPress knowledge to perform a WordPress website healthcheck to find any issues which needed fixing.

Outcome: The website was comprehensively tested, from the frontend through to the WordPress backend, bugs were raised and suggestions were made regarding various areas including backups and plugins. The developers were then able to fix the bugs and action the suggestions.

More info on my testing services: Website Testing / WordPress Website Healthcheck