This is the second post in a series of posts on real world solutions to problems that come up in projects I’ve worked on.The post won’t mention anything specific about who the project was for, as that doesn’t actually matter, but its more about the solution that was implemented. The first post in this series related to Apache network configuration tweaks.

Charles Proxy in an expert tool and has many uses, which I’ve discussed in several other posts – bandwidth throttling, rewriting HTTP response codes, adding breakpoints, viewing encrypted SSL comms etc.

In a recent project, I also managed to use Charles Proxy to overcome VPN issues, which were preventing me testing a website in a particular browser.

The VPN software – Pulse Secure – worked fine in Windows 10 when I was testing via Chrome and Firefox browsers. However, via Edge browser, I couldn’t get the VPN to work and couldn’t connect to the test url. The same error kept occurring – ‘The Network Connect session timed out’ just after starting it. I researched the error code, tried other approaches – to have the VPN running via another browser, tried uninstalling and reinstalling the VPN software via Edge browser, but none of these worked.

Finally, I decided to try the following workaround – have the VPN running on my iMac in OSX, which had already been working, then setup my Windows 10 machine to use my iMac as a Proxy to access the internet. This involved updating the Windows 10 machine to setup the Proxy settings with the IP address and relevant port for my iMac, plus running Charles Proxy on my iMac. This then provided the solution and I was able to test the website in Edge browser.

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