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I'm a freelance Software Tester.
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Testing Stages

During the Development Stage, I can work with the Developers, Designers and Project Managers to effectively design and execute tests at the most cost-effective time.

    * Working with Developers, Designers, Project Managers.
    * Testing can be focussed on the most important functionality or can be generalised, to cover all areas of the software.
    * Testing can be added in phases, as new functionality is developed and available for testing e.g. on a sprint/iteration/release basis.
    * Most cost-effective time for testing.
During the Beta Stage, bugs can be found which otherwise would have been released to the public.

    * Find Bugs before software is released to the public.
    * All functionality can be tested at this stage, and emphasis can be given to certain functionality depending on priorities.
    * Still a cost-effective time for testing.
At the Release Stage, testing can be done at and around the go-live stage, to try and find any last-minute issues, and also when new features are added, or when the software is rewritten to take into account new technology, new features etc.

    * Testing at and around the go-live stage, to find any last-minute issues
    * Testing new Features and Functionality
    * Finding Bugs in rewritten software

Software Sectors I have tested in

    • Financial & Trading Systems
    • Insurance
    • Project Management
    • Retail
    • Field Service
    • Utilities
    • Video
    • Multimedia

Software Testing related activities & technologies

Creating Test Plans and Test Results documentation is a vital part of the testing process and enables the tester to plan what to test and to keep track of what’s been tested.
Creating detailed Bug Reports is an essential part of the testing process, allowing the developers to reproduce the bug and then attempt to fix it.
Sometimes a bug is best shown via a screenshot or a video – or both – especially when a text description doesn’t seem sufficient or would be too complicated to be useful. There are several different methods for getting screenshots and videos when testing software applications. These include using the built-in screenshot tools on the computer or device you’re testing on and also software and tools specifically developed to capture screenshots and videos of the computer in use, such as Camtasia and Jing.
Maintaining and tracking issues in an Issue Tracking System is a vital way of managing the Test Process, so that progress in fixing issues can be monitored and updated.
Different projects require the use of different Issue Tracking Systems. So far, I’ve used the specialist Jira system, the DoneDone issue-tracking system, the issue-tracking features in the Codebase system, plus have also used Excel spreadsheets and Google Docs.
Having specific knowledge and experience of various databases and operating systems can be very useful when testing software applications. This knowledge and experience can assist the tester when planning which tests are needed, also during the testing process and when checking test results and investigating issues.
I have in-depth knowledge of using the main databases – Oracle, Sybase and MS SQL Server – plus also the main operating systems – Windows, Unix and Mac OSX.