Mobile Device Quick Comparison Chart

Update - June 2017 - I've now added the latest iPad Pro 2 tablets and also the following devices: OnePlus 3, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, HTC One X10, Blackberry Aurora & Keyone Update - March 2017 - I've now added the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 & [...]

iOS 11 info

Files app is brand new to iOS 11. Can view all files on the device, on your other iOS devices, in iCloud Drive and across other services including Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive etc. On iPads, a new Dock feature, like on OSX. Customisable, can open [...]

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How to record your iPhone/iPad screen

There are now several different ways you can record your iPhone/iPad screen: Use QuickTime Player, with your device connected via a Lightning cable (works for both web browsing and app usage) Use a web browser recording  app, such as Web Browser Recorder (works for web browsing [...]

Annotating iOS 10 screenshots using Markup in Photos app

In iOS 10 you can annotate your screenshots within the Photos app, using the Markup editor. I only found this by accident the other day, but it's a very useful tool if you're taking screenshots for iOS App Testing and/or Website Testing on iOS 10 devices. [...]

First thoughts on iPhone 7 & iOS 10

Firstly, well done to my network provider - O2 - for getting my new iPhone 7 to me on launch day, September 16th. Upgrading from an iPhone 6, there's not that much difference in the actual phone model - except for the lack of a headphone [...]

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iOS 10

Now that we're into September 2016, iOS 10 will soon be released. Apple has it's own iOS 10 Preview page. As a brief overview, the main iOS 10 features, changes and enhancements are in the following areas: Siri to work within apps, utilising the Sirikit SDK [...]

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Mobile Device Quick Comparison Chart – Feb 2016

Update - the latest version of the Mobile Device Quick Comparison Chart will now always be at It can be difficult keeping track of all the different mobile devices - smartphones and tablets - and the differences between them. With each new version of the [...]

iOS 9

Today - 16 September - iOS 9 is going to be made available. Usually in the UK it's around the evening time when upgrades are possible. Below I've outlined the main features of iOS 9: looks more or less the same, except a new font 'San [...]

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GPS / Geolocation App Testing tips

Last Friday, the 31st July 2015, I was out and about, doing some GPS / Geolocation App Testing, for both iOS and Android apps, for one of my clients. The general idea was to supply a list of locations to the developers, then test that the [...]

iOS 8 – Info, New Features and Changes

iOS 8 Release Today - the 17th September 2014 - sees the release of iOS 8, which was introduced at the WWDC back in June. iOS 8 will come installed on the the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, while also being available as an [...]

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