As a tester still learning about the whole area of automation, I’ve been checking out some of the video sessions from the Automation Guild Online Conference 2017. These include both pre-recorded information/training/product sessions from automation/product experts and also live Q&A sessions.

This online conference is trying to bring a real-world conference into the online world, with a combination of pre-recorded sessions, live Q&A sessions, a website, a mobile app and a Slack channel.

It’s split over 5 days and today (Friday 13th!) is the last day.

The days are split into the following categories:

  • Day 1 – Frameworks
  • Day 2 – Best Practices
  • Day 3 – Automation Techniques
  • Day 4 – DevOps in Test
  • Day 5 – Mobile, API & Unit Testing

As each day has around 8 sessions, plus the live Q&A, I took a look at the schedule before Day 1, to work out which sessions to check out.

As an idea of some of the sessions, here’s some of the best ones I’ve attended.

  • Test Automation in Agile – a successful implementation
  • Mobile Performance Testing
  • Appium Automation for Apps

You can access the content for a year, so have plenty of time to see those you want to attend.

Overall, this Automation Guild Online Conference has been a great idea and I hope it becomes an annual event. Also, would be awesome if something similar was launched for testing in general, encompassing mobile app testing and website testing.

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