Project Description

Project – Universal Music – Composed streaming service – App & Web Testing

In the Summer of 2016, I was the QA for the Universal Music – Composed classical music streaming service, run by Classic FM & Decca Records, working out of Universal Music’s Kensington Village offices.

This project included a comprehensive range of platforms to QA, including:

  • iOS App Testing
  • Android App Testing
  • Web App Testing
  • Sonos App Testing

Testing included acceptance testing for new features, regression testing and smoke testing, across all the different platforms. Types of testing performed included Exploratory Testing, End-to-End Testing, Functional Testing, System Testing, plus checking for UX/Usability issues.

As an Agile project, the Scrum methodology was used, including the following standard Scrum elements:

  • Daily Standups
  • Sprint planning sessions
  • Sprint retrospectives

Pivotal Tracker, the Agile Project Management tool, was used to keep track of user stories, features, issues and QA work across the different projects.

I also used elements of Rapid Software Testing, in order to provide an initial overview of the quality of the streaming service across the different web and app platforms. This was achieved using Exploratory Testing to simultaneously learn and explore the product and it’s features, uncovering issues as I went. I would then discuss these issues with the relevant developer, to assess whether they were new bugs, known issues or even expected functionality. The Pivotal Tracker would then be updated with either the new bug or more information added to known issues. This close co-working between the tester and the developer is a key part of the Agile process.

Testing Project Overview

  • Music streaming web & apps QA
  • Agile QA embedded in the project team
  • iOS App Testing
  • Android App Testing
  • Web App Testing
  • Sonos App Testing – both on desktop Sonos OSX & Windows apps, plus Sonos app on iOS & Android devices
  • Testing across a range of iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, Android tablets
  • Exploratory Testing, Functional Testing, End-to-End Testing, Regression Testing, Smoke Testing
  • Checking for UX/Usability issues
  • Issues raised in Pivotal Tracker

Testing Project Summary

Client requirement: A testing expert to provide QA across all platforms for a music streaming app, in an Agile environment.

Outcome: Improved quality and reliability of the app, across all platforms, plus dedicated QA resource enabled quicker time to release.

More info on my testing services: iOS App Testing / Android App Testing / Website Testing