Project Description

This ongoing testing project involves Website Testing, to ensure the website is working after system changes and updates. The main aim is to ensure customers can still order products from the website, by testing that the Cart, Checkout and Payments areas all work as expected. Testing also includes the site layout, design, on page features, navigation and widgets such as product selectors.

Testing performed on all the main browsers on Windows and Mac OSX platforms, plus also testing on mobile including iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Testing types include End-to-End Testing, Cross-Browser Testing, Exploratory Testing, Mobile Commerce Testing and Functional Testing.

Google Analytics used to check website analytics and prioritise testing on the different platforms and browsers.

Basecamp used for Project Management and communications.

Client Testimonial from Wicked Lasers

Pat performs comprehensive website testing for us, across all the main browsers and platforms, including mobile devices. His flexible approach to testing and clear feedback enable us to have confidence that the business end of our website is still working smoothly after system updates and changes.
Steve Liu, Manager, Wicked Lasers