Project Description

Project – VPAR app – iOS App Testing & Android App Testing

The VPAR App is used by golfers around the world to keep track of and share their scores. I tested several iterations of the app, which is both an iOS and Android app, so both were included in the testing performed.

The testing included the end-to-end scenarios of golfers signing up to the app, creating their account, then creating and playing their game of golf. These games can be complex with all the different options available – such as Individual, Matchplay, Strokeplay, Fourball, Pairs etc, each with their own different way of scoring.

The app makes use of GPS both when selecting which course the game is being played at (e.g. nearest course as default) and also when getting hole information for every hole on the course being played, including on-screen maps of pins, holes etc.

Testing Project Overview

  • iOS App Testing
  • Android App Testing
  • Testing across a range of iPhones and Android Phones
  • Exploratory Testing, Functional Testing, End-to-End Testing
  • GPS Testing
  • Checking for UX/Usability issues
  • Test Plan creation in Excel
  • Test Results delivery in Excel
  • Issues raised in internal issue system

Testing Project Summary

Client requirement: An app tester to use various techniques to enhance the stability of the apps by finding any existing bugs and to help prevent any regressions in new releases.

Outcome: App stability was improved across Android and iOS platforms, allowing more in-depth testing of newly added functionality.

More info on my testing services: iOS App Testing / Android App Testing

Video – YouTube – VPAR App