Project Description

Project – Huudlr app – iOS App Testing & Android App Testing

I tested the Huudlr app – which included both iOS App Testing and Android App Testing.

The Huudlr app allows groups of people to create Huudles, within which they can share instant messages, chat, share photos and also raise money for whatever cause or need they have in common.

The aim behind the testing was to get an independent opinion on the app and to raise any bugs found during the testing, plus give feedback on UI, UX and overall performance of the app.

During testing, a Test Plan was created to ensure that all the relevant areas were tested, plus as it was created in Google sheets, it was easily shareable with the developers.

Testing was performed on a mix of devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablet.

Testing Project Overview

  • iOS App Testing
  • Android App Testing
  • Testing across a range of Phones and Tablets
  • Functional Testing, End-to-End Testing
  • Testing also included sending SMS messages as RSVPs/Invites between test devices
  • Checking for UI/UX/Usability issues
  • Test Plan creation in Google Docs/sheets
  • Full Test Report, which covered all the areas tested, number of issues etc
  • Issues raised in Trello

Testing Project Summary

Client requirement: An experienced app tester and user to provide independent feedback on the app, whilst also trying to find any bugs through various testing methods.

Outcome: In-depth testing of the app across iOS and Android platforms unearthed bugs and also enabled feedback on the UI, UX and performance of the app.

More info on my testing services: iOS App Testing / Android App Testing