macOS Mojave first impressions

Updating to macOS Mojave  The update process was easy - just started it off and left my Mac to it - and I haven't (yet) noticed any problems caused due to the upgrade, unlike some earlier upgrades where lots of knock-on effects were seen in general [...]

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How to avoid App Store rejection

Thorough testing of your iOS App - before it is submitted to the App Store - is a great way to avoid App Store rejection. Apple's own Common App Rejections page lists the most common reasons for an iOS App to be rejected when submitted to [...]

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iOS 10

Now that we're into September 2016, iOS 10 will soon be released. Apple has it's own iOS 10 Preview page. As a brief overview, the main iOS 10 features, changes and enhancements are in the following areas: Siri to work within apps, utilising the Sirikit SDK [...]

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