Updated 30 May 2012 – Work on my BetCalc Android app has been on hold for a while, as I’ve been studying for the ISEB/ISTQB certification in Software Testing. As I progress through my revision for this, I’ll then put into practice the software testing techniques and processes I’ve learnt and also try and use some software testing tools. This will 1) provide a real-life testing scenario 2) ensure a quality-tested app is released.

Here’s a work in progress screen shot, of a very early version, where I’ve been concentrating on the functionality and the calculational coding rather than the design/look and feel. The screen shot is taken from the Android emulator/AVD running on my laptop.

Original Post:
BetCalc is the work in progress name for my first Android App, which will give me an insight into designing and developing an Android App. If its of sufficient quality I may also release it on the Android Market / Google Play etc. My current plan is to also to develop something similar as an HTML5 web app, to get more practice in HTML5 user interfaces and JavaScript.

The idea behind BetCalc is to allow the easy calculation of a winning bet, aimed at the most common bets such as Accumulators and Perms (such as Lucky 15, Yankee, Patent etc.)

When lucky enough to have a winning bet its always good to know how much you stand to win and there are various options – i) you can write it all out on paper which is a good test of your maths skills ii) you can use a website, of which there are quite a few, with bet calculators either on bookies own websites or separate betting-related websites iii) use the existing apps on iOs and Android etc. Option iv) is to rely on the bookie to calculate it correctly – they most likely will, but you never know, they might make a mistake.

The BetCalc app on Android will be a useful test app as it involves the following development:-

  • A user interface with a mixture of different inputs – including Bet Type, Number of Winning Lines, each individual Winning Line, the Stake, the Winnings and a Calculate button
  • A calculation engine to calculate the winnings, which ranges from quite simple for Accumulators to complicated for large permutation bets such as Yankee, Super Yankee, Goliath etc.