Website Review and Report

  • Reviewing your Website for
  • SEO Efficiency
  • Web Usability
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Readiness
  • Cross Browser
  • Cross Platform
  • Providing you with
  • Professional feedback
  • Comprehensive Report on your Website
  • Action Plan for improving your Website

Website Review and Report consists of

Professional Review

Comprehensive Report

Website Action Plan

Potential Benefits

Improved Google Results

Increasing the SEO efficiency of your website has great potential to move your website up the Google results, thus increasing the exposure of your website.

Savings on Online Ads

If you can improve your website’s position in Google search results through site changes, you can then consider reducing online advertising.

Website generates more sales

Improvements to the Web Usability of your website can lead to a more user-friendly and effective website, which could lead to an increase in sales, as users stay on your site longer and visit more regularly.

Review includes

Terms & Conditions:

1. £199 price for small to medium websites, larger websites at negotiable price.
2. If a WordPress site is being reviewed, I may also be able to fix the site, where possible, for an extra fee.