Within this Quick Guide, I aim to cover the basics of Web Usability and Search Engine Optimisation
(SEO) – what they are, how they are linked, how one leads to another and – most importantly of all –
how they can help to improve a website.

Since training with Webcredible in 2007 (on Web Usability, Usability Testing and Writing for the
Web) I have been interested in these areas and how website owners can use Web Usability techniques
to improve their websites, both in terms of usability and SEO, for very little outlay in time and

Part 2 – What is SEO?

In essence, SEO – Search Engine Optimisation –  is the process of optimising a website’s position in search engines such as Google, Bing etc.

Why SEO is important to your website

  • There are around 100 billion searches per month on Google
  • Search drives traffic to your website, more than ever before
  • The higher your website appears on the Search Results page, the more likely it is to be visited

There are several approaches to SEO, including

  • Optimising your website’s content and architecture
  • Building links with other sites, to enhance your website’s credibility
  • Adding and maintaining a blog relevant to your website’s area of interest
  • Also vitally important is to continually refine your SEO approach, as Google et al continually update their algorithms and rules and also as Social Media expands in scope and type

Why optimising your website’s content and architecture will improve SEO

  • Search engines such as Google use crawlers / web crawlers / spiders / robots to visit websites such as yours, to index what the website contains
  • These crawlers use the textual content of your website to decide what the website is about, with certain content such as Titles and Headings given more weight and importance
  • These crawlers also use the architecture of your website to move around your site, so the better the architecture is designed, the easier it is for the crawler to move around from page to page and index your site
  • At this point its vital to note that over-reliance on Flash or graphics in your website will lead to the crawler not being able to properly index or navigate your website. This is why a sometimes graphically stunning website may end up never being visited, as it languishes on page 92 of the search results for its related search terms.

Web Usability & SEO Glossary 


Part 3 – Benefits of good Web Usability

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