Apple has released the OSX 10.8.1 update to Mountain Lion.

It was hoped this would feature a fix to the wifi issue being suffered by lots of Mountain Lion users. However, a check through the issues list and there was no mention of a wifi fix.

I updated (manually) anyway to see if they’d sneaked a fix in.

Initial signs were good – after install and restart, the wifi connection was still there and proceeded to work ok until I finished my use of the iMac, for around 30 minutes.

I knew the real test would be when come back to iMac later, after its been in sleep and then wake it. Initially, the wifi did work and I was able to check a Dropbox document and browsed to BBC site on Safari. However, when I then created a new tab and typed a new URL, the wifi dropped out. This has happened again since, so its definitely still a problem.

I’ve updated the Apple forums with this info.

So, we await a specific ‘OSX wifi fix’ update like happened last time.

Come on Apple!!! Sort it out!!!

Wifi issue history