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Here are some article links and blog links from other people who went to Silicon Milkroundabout 2012, I’ll keep checking for any more and add them in as and when I find them.

By Wilde Hart
By Dan Maharry, on a .NET perspective
By Geekonomicon
The Economist 

YouTube videos
Siliconmilkround channel
Various time lapse videos of the event

My Original Post: 
Yesterday – Sunday 27 May – I went to Silicon Milkroundabout, the job fair for startups looking to hire techies of all types.

My main impression is that it was an excellent event, giving job hunters (like me) and companies the chance to discuss their products and the job opportunities they had. Among the people I talked to were CTOs, Dev Team Leaders, Developers and also Company Founders, so it was a great chance to talk to people who are already working at the companies.

On Saturday I had done some prep and checked out all the companies attending, to see which ones I should focus on seeing, this took a while to do but was very valuable as there were about 100 companies there and this prep enabled me to see the companies I really wanted to chat to, rather than randomly talking to anyone.

It was very hot inside the Truman Brewery building, not really designed for 28C temperatures, but the free bar really helped everyone to cool down and was also a good place to have a chat to other techie types. It was a nice touch to have a free bar in a former brewery!

When entering the building they had a proper registration check, where they checked my registration/email address, once this was done, they gave me a great little booklet, which had details of all the companies there including details of what the company does and what roles they’re hiring for.

Well done to Pete Smith of Songkick who started up the event and it looks to have a great future. This is the sort of thing that the government should be organising (eg Vince Cable and his mates) but then they’d probably mess it up.

Now I’m in follow up mode, getting in touch with the companies I had a good chat with, hopefully it might lead to an exciting job in the world of startups.

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There are also Silicon Milkroundabout groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.