Managed to get the Uniface 9.4 APS Trial working on Windows7 – took 2 tries.

Here’s the full details and steps followed:-

– Install Solid 4.5 database

– Add the Solid license file to the bin directory of Solid (should have got an email from Compuware with the license file – lasts 3 months.

– Restart PC

– Start Solid – create default database

– Install Uniface 9.4 APS Trial

– Restart PC as prompted

– Get the Uniface 9.4 APS license file license.xml (via email from Compuware) and save it to a directory

– Run ‘Distributed License Management’ application in ‘Compuware’ startup menu and Add the license.xml file to it

– Start Uniface 9.4 Development from ‘Compuware’ startup menu

– Use ‘load’ button to load defaults


You should then be in the Uniface 9.4 APS/IDF