iOS 6

I’ve now upgraded my iPhone3GS from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6. This has been delayed mainly due to a freelance iOS App Testing project I was working on at iOS 5.1.1 plus also partly  due to waiting for some fix version releases, to address any initial problems (e.g. iOS 6.0.1)

In Part 1 of this series of blog posts, I covered the actual Upgrade process and my Initial Thoughts.

Then, in Part 2, I covered the New Features and Changes in iOS 6.

Now, in Part 3, I cover Moans and Gripes with iOS 6.

What’s Not There – Google Maps

Much has been made of Apple’s removal of Google Maps from iOS 6, while replacing it with Apple’s own Maps App. For me, I haven’t really noticed a problem with Apple’s Map App but I have downloaded and used the recently-released Google Maps App.

Both seem very good but as I don’t use them much, I haven’t really noticed any problems. Maybe one day when I’m out and about and need to find something in the local area (a shop, tube station etc) I’ll really find if there’s any problems.

What’s There – Auto-Correction in iOS 6

I was hoping Apple would really improve the Auto-Correction feature in iOS6, as its always been one of the worst parts of iOS.

So far, I’ve seen no improvement and actually think its got worse.

I’m not the only one and many people have been venting on this particular annoyance.

The Auto-Correction ‘feature’ has always been a source of problems and there are several sites dedicated to the funny situations that end up occurring if you don’t notice what the Auto-Correction gremlin has done to your message.

Changing Auto-Correction Settings in iOS 6

Turning off Auto-Correction may be useful for many iOS 6 users, so I thought I’d to include how to turn it off.

Go to Settings, then General then Keyboard.

Then, as the screenshot below shows, you turn Auto-Correction ON/OFF

iOS6 Auto-Correction

App Store Gripes

In general, the App Store still seems slow to load and use.

But worst problem is that when you search for an App the list of matching Apps is shown in the manner of a  horizontal list and to move through the list you swipe sideways, one at a time. This seems a slow and cumbersome way of navigating a large list – so to me this is a Usability Fail

iOS6 App Store