Just done the iOS5 update for my iPad2 – was fairly painless – unlike some other users apparently who had all sorts of problems. I think I’ll leave the iPhone update for a while though.

First had to update iTunes to latest version, with iCloud update also… then download hefty iOS5 update, about 750 Mb or so. Also you can setup iCloud which was fairly quick.

Then updated it and just left it to it.

Came back to it and all sorted with iOS5 so went into Settings to make sure everything ok and changed a few things – like the iCloud settings.

Can’t really see much difference straight off but it should become clear as I use more of the features. iMessage will be well handy for keeping in touch. Newsstand interesting, but can’t believe some of the prices magazines charging for an – online/paper free/printing free/distribution free item – some charging £3.99 and £4.99 for an issue. Surely they should be doing them for 99p! They’re heading down same road as the music companies – not understanding the market/format they’re getting into.