Here’s the full bug details as I raised on Apple’s Bug Reporter (it’s nr 19094247)

On iPhone 6, I need to enter a Manual Http Proxy setting via Settings/Wifi

I choose the Manual tab, then enter Server nr and Port nr – but this setting is not stored.
I leave the screen via the Wi-fi link in top left corner and the settings are not stored.

When I then go back into the Wi-fi screen, the Http Proxy is shown as Off – and the Manual setting I chose is gone

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open Settings
2. Choose Wi-Fi
3. Select the correct Wi-Fi network
4. This takes you into the Wi-Fi screen
5. At the end of screen, select Manual tab under Http Proxy heading
6. Enter the Server and Port numbers
7. Press Wif-fi in top left corner to leave screen
8. Select the correct Wi-Fi network again to see the Wi-Fi screen

Expected Results:
Expect to still see the Manual Http Proxy I setup

Actual Results:
The Http Proxy setting has been lost and it says Off instead of Manual

iOS 8.1

Tried this on other iOS hardware/iOS levels and did not see if happen anywhere else.
Tried it on:
– iPhone 5 iOS 8.1
– iPad Mini iOS 7.1.2
– iPad Air iOS 8.1

iPhone 6 using Wifi