Continuing learning Android Development using the book ‘Beginning Android Application Development’ from Wrox.

Now working on Chapter 8 – Messaging and Networking – currently looking at Networking and downloading binary data, such as bitmaps. This Chapter also features Web services, so that will be good to see, as that looks to be one of best areas for Mobile apps – consume web services and do something useful/interesting with the resulting data.

Glad I started looking at Android, it looks a versatile platform and the fact its a Java based development platform is also good, as it still provides plenty of Java coding practice, just in a different device/platform to usual Windows/Unix environment.

Worked through Chapter 7 – Content Providers

Looked at using Content Providers and also creating your own Content Providers.

Also worked through Chapter 6 – Data Persistence

Looked at storing data in Android – mainly 3 ways – 1) with shared preference object 2) using traditional file systems 3) using relational database (SQLite)

Have worked through Chapter 5 – Displaying Pictures and Menus with Views