Project Description

Project – Home Furniture Range – Ecommerce Website Testing

Home Furniture Range contacted me to give their retail website a thorough testing, to ensure things were working from one end of the sales process to another. This ranged from checking the search results performance of their products on Google, through to creating orders and the whole purchasing and payments process.

Testing performed included Functional Testing, Exploratory Testing, Cross-Browser & Cross-Device Testing, End-to-End Testing, plus checking Usability and SEO.

A Test Plan was created in Excel, with Test Results also recorded in Excel and all issues tracked in my own JIRA.

Testing was performed on all the main browsers on Windows and Mac OSX platforms, plus also testing on mobile including iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

After the testing phase, their IT specialists began fixing the issues found and a short phase of retesting was carried out, to check and close the issues in the JIRA issue-tracker.

Testing Project Summary

Client requirement: A website testing professional who could throughly test their retail ecommerce website.

Outcome: A range of testing methods was used to test the whole end-to-end process, which unearthed a variety of issues which were raised in JIRA and then fixed by the IT team, leading to a more reliable and effective retail website.

More info on my testing services: Website Testing