Update: Friday 3rd August – wifi still dropping out, even after WPA2 move. Next thing to try, deleting the WEP Network setting and seeing what happens. Also found this page on osxdaily.com site, which reports the wifi problem and some solutions, including renewing DHCP – which I’ll try and see if it solves the problem.

Original Post: The other day I reported that there was again a problem with wifi connections dropping after an OSX upgrade – this time to Mountain Lion.

Handily, one of the users on the Apple support forums suggested a fix for this issue.

The suggested fix is to change your wifi connection setups to use WPA2 encryption instead of WEP.

After a bit of fiddling around to get this setup, it does work for me and has worked the past hour or so.

To change the connection setups from WEP to WPA2:-

  • In Network Preferences, on Wifi, press Turn Wi-Fi Off button
  • Click Advanced button
  • Delete your existing Network with – button (if it shows WEP security, as mine did)
  • Click + button to add new Network
  • Enter the details for you wifi router/broadband setup. I found you have to enter this manually for it to allow you to select WPA2. Enter your SSIS, select WPA2 and enter your wifi password. Click OK to save settings. May need to supply Admin password.
  • I then found I had to switch wifi on and off a couple of times before I could get reliable connection.
  • Also note that there are now 2 Networks shown  under ‘Preferred Networks’ in Network Preferences/Wifi – one for WPA2 and one for WEP. It seems to work like this, so I’ve left it as is.