Apple TV 2nd Gen

Apple TV 2nd Gen

Here’s a little tip for anyone who’s experiencing problems watching movies via their Apple TV, having recently upgraded to iTunes 11.

I had this issue last night and thought it might take a lot of messing around to come up with  a fix – but, luckily found that practising that old adage of “if it don’t work, restart it” worked first time.

Trying to access my iTunes shared library from my Apple TV (2nd gen) just wouldn’t work, which was annoying to say the least. I then also tried to AirPlay the film from my iPad to the Apple TV, but this wouldn’t work either.

I had a quick check online for similar issues, but before going too far down that line, I restarted the Apple TV. After the short reboot, it then worked perfectly and my shared library came up almost straight away and I could watch the movie I wanted (The Bourne Supremacy)

Hope this helps someone else, as its easy to get these kind of errors with all these different upgrades going on continuously of software, O/S, devices, computers etc.