Setting up development env on Linux, for Java/Hibernate/Spring development (continued…)

Next step is to install/setup Spring Framework – Installed an older version of Spring Framework in order to match more closely the version used in the book. Copied the spring.jar file to lib directory for the timex project. Also required jstl.jar in the lib directory too.

Then ran ant springtest to test the Spring install/setup – which worked ok.

Then ran ant deploy to deploy the WAR file.

At this stage the book says you can then run the actual test application “Time Expression” (aka Timex) a Timesheet system.

In order to run the test, you need the following running:-

– HSQLDB – for your database

– Tomcat – your web server

Then from your web browser type in http://localhost:8080/timex to get to the frontpage of the web application.

Amazingly, it worked first time, even if a bit slow, but thats because the Linux is running on a Virtualbox with low settings, which I’ll try and crank up a bit to get some performance out of the Linux boot/Virtualbox.