I was quite impressed with the original iOS apps for Word and Excel, though the fact they didn’t link in to anything but SkyDrive/OneDrive meant they were of little use to me.

Now, the latest updates feature Dropbox integration, so I’ve installed both on my iPhone 6.

Both apps are around 240 Mb in size so need a bit of time to download.

Once downloaded, start them up and sign in to your Office 365 account (if you’ve got one) to get access to all the features. Then add your Dropbox account so you can access your Dropbox docs.

First, I tried the Excel iOS app and it looks good on the larger screen of the iPhone 6.
– Accessing Dropbox docs is easy – Just locate the folder and the doc and open it up. Takes a few seconds to load up/display the doc but that’s not too bad.
– Viewing/Editing of Excel docs is good – especially if you change to Landscape mode.
– You can scroll through a spreadsheet’s rows and columns to view the data and also select other tabs/sheets, to view them.
– Editing/adding data is handled quite well, within the confines of a mobile device.
– Overall, this now means I can use the Excel iOS App to make simple edits to things like Timesheets on my Dropbox folders, which is very handy – especially as the iOS Apps are free.

Next, I installed the Word iOS App.
– Again, setting up the Dropbox account was the first thing I did, so I can access my Dropbox docs, to view and edit them.
– Viewing Word docs doesn’t seem quite as good as viewing Excel docs, with the initial view shown being a bit useless as the content is very small. Luckily there’s an option to display the document full screen, so you can actually read it.
– For viewing Word docs I can use the Dropbox app itself and it presents the document view in an easier to read format on first loading it.
– Overall, I don’t think I’ll be using the Word app very often on the iPhone 6, in contrast to the Excel app.