Now getting the sample application up-and-running, which is an online Timesheet system, built using Spring Web MVC Framework.

Have worked through chapters 5 – Using Hibernate for Persistent Objects, 6 – Overview of Spring Framework, 7 – The Spring Web MVC Framework and 8 – Eclipse.

So far, the book has given me a good introduction to Agile Development concepts (XP and AMDD), use of dev tools like Ant, JUnit and Eclipse IDE, use of Apache Tomcat plus lots of useful background information on Hibernate and the Spring Framework, along with information on installing, setting up and using them.

The only problem with the book is that as its a few years old the versions of all the software are a bit behind the current versions, which sometimes leads to a few setup/installation/run problems, although this is a good way to learn troubleshooting your setups.