Updated April 18: – Second stage of Digital Switch Over – Repeated what I did on April 4 and all worked fine again.

Original: As today is first stage of digital signal switchover, thought there might be a few problems with the TV. For this day its only supposed to be BBC2 thats affected as it switches from Analogue to Digital. However, turned on the TV and none of the digital channels worked at all. The TV is a Sony with built in Digital Freeview tuner.

Tried a ‘Digital Auto Tune’ from the remote but that didnt work, still no channels.

Then remembered that the Sony hard disk recorder is hooked up to the aerial and then connects to the TV. So retuned that first from the remote, auto-retune and that worked well.

Tried another ‘Digital Auto Tune’ on the TV from remote but that didn’t work. So next option – which worked perfectly – was to reset to Factory Settings and let the TV do all the setups again. This worked fine.

Will probably need to do the same thing on 18 April, stage 2.