A few people have asked me about Dropbox recently, as they’re not sure why there’s such a positive buzz about it. So I thought I’d list the main advantages I get out of using Dropbox and hopefully it may help a few people out.

Main Advantages of Dropbox

  • Its free to start with – up to 2 Gb of storage for free can’t be sniffed at.
  • Its somewhere you can use as a central repository for documents you may want to access/edit from home and/or work – across Windows and Mac platforms
  • Your documents are also accessible via your iOS devices – iPhone and iPad – so good for when on the move
  • On the iPhone, you can save ‘Favourite’ documents to the device for offline use, for when out of internet connection for whatever reason. To do this, just go to the relevant document and press the * icon. You can then access these documents easily from the Tab menu at the footer, with the Favorites icon.
  • Sharing documents is easily achieved too – place the document in your Public folder and then right click it – there should be an option like ‘Copy Public Link’ – which is an URL which you can use to share the document with friends/colleagues etc
So overall, there are a lot of positives that I’ve found with using Dropbox, especially as a user of multiple platforms (PC, Mac, iOS etc)