Part 2 covers how to obtain Crash Reports from iOS Devices by using Apps on your iOS device, after there has been an iOS App Crash

The following Apps allow you to see Console logs on your iPhone and/or iPad:

Another App which may be useful is DevInfo by Marcio Almeida, which shows you a multitude of information about your device, including system information, networking information, process information and much more.

Of the Apps above, LogPolice has proved to be one of the most useful, as you can change the Filter to show which messages you want to see. However, the Free version limits the number of emails you can send to 1 per day. An in-app upgrade allows you to add unlimited emails and other features for 69p, so well worth considering, especially if you’re doing a lot of iOS App testing. I’ve upgraded my version of LogPolice and it allows you to email all the listed messages in either plain text or an HTML table.

These are the Apps I’ve found and used so far, there may be other Apps available which do a similar job – in case you’re a developer of one of these other Apps, please let me know via an email to or leave a Comment below.