Learning Java… Now on Chapter 10 of SCJP 6.0

Learning Java… Now on Chapter 10 of SCJP 6.0

Now on Chapter 10 (of 10) of the ‘SCJP 6.0 Study Guide’ book.

The book gives you a really in-depth knowledge of Java, although sometimes they overdo some explanations and leave you unclear/unsure as to how a particular item actually works, in which case a Google search soon clears up the confusion.

Once I’ve finished the SCJP book, next plan to do plenty of coding practice, practice tests and eventually do the actual Certification exam – once I’m sure I’ll pass it!

Chapters I’ve now covered in the SCJP book:

– Chapter 1: Declaration and Access Control

– Chapter 2: Object Orientation

– Chapter 3: Assignments

– Chapter 4: Operators

– Chapter 5: Flow Control, Exceptions and Assertions

– Chapter 6: Strings, I/O, Formatting and Parsing

– Chapter 7: Generics and Collections

– Chapter 8: Inner Classes

– Chapter 9: Threads

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