Now on Chapter 10 (of 10) of the ‘SCJP 6.0 Study Guide’ book.

The book gives you a really in-depth knowledge of Java, although sometimes they overdo some explanations and leave you unclear/unsure as to how a particular item actually works, in which case a Google search soon clears up the confusion.

Once I’ve finished the SCJP book, next plan to do plenty of coding practice, practice tests and eventually do the actual Certification exam – once I’m sure I’ll pass it!

Chapters I’ve now covered in the SCJP book:

– Chapter 1: Declaration and Access Control

– Chapter 2: Object Orientation

– Chapter 3: Assignments

– Chapter 4: Operators

– Chapter 5: Flow Control, Exceptions and Assertions

– Chapter 6: Strings, I/O, Formatting and Parsing

– Chapter 7: Generics and Collections

– Chapter 8: Inner Classes

– Chapter 9: Threads