Website Security Testing

Later this year, I plan to add Website Security Testing to the services I offer. I've already got some knowledge in this area, and have been adding to it via various sources, such as books and websites. To take this plan forward, I've also started an [...]

Learning Java…

Slowly working through the 'SCJP 6.0 Study Guide' book. Just about to start Chapter 5 - 'Flow Control, Exceptions and Assertions' Have finished the following Chapters: - Chapter 1: Declaration and Access Control - Chapter 2: Object Orientation - Chapter 3: Assignments - Chapter 4: Operators

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Java Training Update

So far, I've added to my previous knowledge of Java programming through a Webucator course on Java 2 5.0 Fundamentals. Currently working through the book "SCJP 6 Study Guide" with the aim of getting official certification from Oracle as a Java 6 Programmer. The official title [...]

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