Update – the latest version of the Mobile Device Quick Comparison Chart will now always be at https://www.patwalsh.co.uk/mobile-device-quick-comparison-chart/

It can be difficult keeping track of all the different mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – and the differences between them.

With each new version of the latest flagship devices, there can be massive changes in their specs – larger display, improved resolution etc – or sometimes the changes are only internal – new chipset, faster CPU etc.

As I was getting fed up of trying to memorise the differences between all the specs of all the different devices – or having to Google them each time I needed to know the differences, I’ve now created a Mobile Device Quick Comparison Chart.

This includes the latest flagship models of iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, plus also includes some older devices, for reference and cross-comparison.

This has already been useful for quickly checking the different display sizes and resolutions of different devices, both for testing apps and websites, and also working out which new device I should buy next as a new test device.

You can view the Mobile Device Quick Comparison Chart in the PDF plugin below – if it works on your browser/platform – or download it here.

Download the PDF file .


I’ll be updating the chart every now and then and will update this page with the latest version as and when updated.

If you spot any issues in the chart, please let me know.