Update – 4 October 2012 – Solution finally found… 

Wifi has been working for over a week now – without a drop out – so I can say the wifi issue has been fixed – at least for my situation. Read below for full details, but it was a change to my broadband router’s settings which did it – changing security to WPA/WPA2.

Original Post… 

Having tried many different possible solutions, things finally seem to have stabilised with this pesky Mountain Lion wifi issue.

I could be tempting fate – but – it does seem to have stabilised now for a whole day and a half – from the change I made at 1500 yesterday (25/09) until now 22:50 on 26/09 and thats while using my iMac a lot and mostly internet related stuff.

So, if you’ve been suffering with this problem yourself, you probably want to know what I changed? Well, I went back to basics and accessed my broadband router to check its settings. I changed the security settings to WPA+WPA2 in the drop down list and then applied that as the setting. I then deleted the existing network setting manually and set it up to use WPA+WPA2. Ever since then, I’ve not had a wifi drop out.

Also note: As I mentioned in previous post, I initially tried changing the channel the router used from 11 to 6 but this had zero effect.

I’m hoping this WPA/WPA change to router proves to be the fix. But if it is, puzzled why Apple didnt mention about WPA/WPA2 being needed / necessary on the broadband router?

Anyway, here’s hoping it’ll carry on working…

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