TestFlight » iOS beta testing on the fly

I’ve now started using TestFlight, which enables simple delivery for iOS Apps for testing.

The idea behind it is that iOS App developers setup a project that testers can be added to. The testers can then access the latest builds of the App as and when required and then download the App to their device for testing.

This gets around the usual manual process of 1) supplying UDID of your device(s)   2) App distribution via Dropbox/email 3) manual installation via iTunes.

TestFlight Setup

To get setup with TestFlight you do the following:-

  • Using your iOS device, visit URL supplied by developer
  • Sign up, supplying your email details and password etc
  • Register your iOS device
  • Install TestFlight Profile
  • When all done, you end up with a TestFlight App on your iOS device

I’ve only just started using it, so will provide some more info when I’ve been using it for a while.