iOS 7 App Testing Toolkit

During some recent iOS 7 App Testing projects, I've managed to refine the process to make things run smoother and this has included establishing an iOS 7 App Testing Toolkit. On my iOS device - such as iPad Air - I have a folder set up [...]

iOS App Testing – Ad Hoc App Delivery Method

As I recently started using TestFlight for this, I thought I'd outline how the other way of delivering Apps to testers works - that is Ad Hoc Delivery. Firstly, the UDID of your iOS Device(s) has to be known by the Developer delivering the App to [...]

TestFlight – iOS App Delivery for Testing

I've now started using TestFlight, which enables simple delivery for iOS Apps for testing. The idea behind it is that iOS App developers setup a project that testers can be added to. The testers can then access the latest builds of the App as and when required [...]