As I recently started using TestFlight for this, I thought I’d outline how the other way of delivering Apps to testers works – that is Ad Hoc Delivery.

Firstly, the UDID of your iOS Device(s) has to be known by the Developer delivering the App to you, otherwise this whole process won’t work. Here’s a handy guide to finding your device’s UDID.

Then, you need to follow these manual steps:

  • You will normally need to delete old versions of the App to be tested (not always necessary, so check first) from iTunes / your iOS device
  • Delivery of the App could be via email or Dropbox or similar method
  • The App will either be delivered as an .ipa file or a ZIP file
  • If necessary, unzip the ZIP file
  • If a Mobile Provisioning File has been supplied also, you will need to add this to your iTunes Library first. Also, the accompanying file will be named .app rather than .ipa
  • Depending on which type of delivery, add either the .app or .ipa file to your iTunes Library
  • Go to your iOS device in iTunes and look under Apps.
  • Find the new App – easiest way is to sort by Date
  • Click to select the new App to be tested
  • Then sync your iOS device
  • May also need to click Apply also

As you can see, this is a lot longer route than using TestFlight.

Here’s some extra info on the Ad Hoc delivery method.

Installing via Windows