Within this Quick Guide, I aim to cover the basics of Web Usability and Search Engine Optimisation
(SEO) – what they are, how they are linked, how one leads to another and – most importantly of all –
how they can help to improve a website.

Since training with Webcredible in 2007 (on Web Usability, Usability Testing and Writing for the
Web) I have been interested in these areas and how website owners can use Web Usability techniques
to improve their websites, both in terms of usability and SEO, for very little outlay in time and

Part 4 – Web Usability leads to SEO

You may have heard the buzz about SEO and it definitely plays a part in getting your website noticed, by trying to get your website first in the search engine results lists e.g. at Google.

The good news is that implementing good web usability on your website leads naturally to SEO, for reasons such as:

  • Use of concise and accurate headings helps users find information on your website and – for SEO – helps the search crawler analyse your website
  • Good use of CSS (cascading style sheets) improves the layout and consistency of navigation of your website and – for SEO – enables the search spider to actually index your content, rather than coding
  • Effective use of keywords helps your users find the information they want and – for SEO – keywords play a major part in search engine algorithms and search engine results


Part 5 – Long term SEO through Web Usability improvements

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