Having recently relaunched my website to use a new WordPress theme – the excellent Avada Theme – I thought I’d add a guide to doing this on my blog, to help out anyone else planning this.

Part 6 – After Relaunch

  • Turn off Maintenance mode.
  • Announce the site is up and running, again on the various platforms available – Twitter, email, Newsletter, Facebook etc.
  • Arrange more testing across the main browsers and platforms, to ensure the site is working properly. At this point you could also hire a freelance website tester, such as myself, to gain an independent view on your website and to uncover any issues that you may not have seen so far.
  • If using an Agile/Iterative approach, this is also a good time to set timeframes for work on the next cycles.
  • Establish procedures for blogging, creating content etc if the new theme has different approach to the old theme.
  • Track any issues reported with the site – could either use an Issue Tracking System or something simpler, such as a Google doc, an Excel xls or a Word doc.

The End – I hope this 6 Part Guide will be of use  – even if it helps with just one small part of the relaunch process.

*** If you would like help relaunching your WordPress website with a new theme, please Contact Me, or check out my WordPress consultancy services.

*** There is now a downloadable version of this content.