Having used the excellent Dropbox almost exclusively for file-sharing over the last year, I thought it was about time I tried something different, to compare and contrast to Dropbox.

The similar-sounding Droplr has been around a while and the write-ups I’ve seen for it have always been good. Another plus is that you can get up to 1 Gb storage for free, can store images, videos, files and notes, plus there are several different ways of accessing content – Web App, Mac App, Windows App and iOS App.

I’ve registered for my new Droplr account – as simple as suppling my email address and password – and so far have installed the iOS App and used the Web App. After a small amount of use, things are looking good. I’ll add another post with more feedback after about a weeks use of the Droplr service.

On AppStorm.net – Review comparing Droplr to CloudApp