I’ve now added the other main browsers to my Windows 8 Pro virtual with no problems found – I was expecting some, but none materialised. The screenshot below shows the Start screen, with the tiles for Chrome, Firefox and Safari added in the place I selected for them.

Windows 8 Start Screen showing other Browsers

Having access to these other browsers – in addition to the native IE10 – then allows for full cross-browser testing on this Windows 8 virtual machine.

Installation Info

  • Chrome – A Windows 8 specific version is listed in the options, so I installed Chrome v23 without a problem
  • Firefox – Within the install options it doesn’t show a Windows 8 option, but using the Windows 7 version was not a problem – v16.0.2 installed.
  • Safari – Found v5.1.7 was latest version via Apple site. Installed without a problem.